Michał Kalisz
skype: mi.kalisz

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About me

My name is Michał Kalisz, in web known also as Veezen and I'm self-taught 3D artist. I'm specialised mainly in creating high poly and low poly models, texturing, UV mapping, and sculpting non-organic evironment objects. I also trying to improve my skills in level-design using Unreal Engine 4 for that kind of work and in digital sculpting by making characters and other cool stuff. I really love to learn new things.

3D Artist March 2017 → Now
Junior 3D Artist September 2015 → March 2017
Junior 3D Artist June 2014 → August 2015
Skills and Abilities

Where you can find me?

Blenderownia | Polycount | Max3D | Sketchfab | Gameartisans | Blenderartists | YouTube | Facepunch | Linkedin
Logo change

Old logo New logo
1. Created from 3 tris with the same measurments and angles (equilateral triangle)
2. It shows two letters, M from Michał and V from Veezen